How a Garbage Man Turned $100k Into $10,833/mo. to Secure His Retirement

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by Brian Bagnall, Best Selling-Author

$1.28 Million.

That’s how much investment experts say you’ll need if you want to retire at age 60 and be able to draw just $3,000 a month during retirement.

If you’re like most people, you probably feel like that’s a lot of money to save to only draw $3,000 a month. You probably also feel like you’re severely behind in saving as well.

You’ve probably got some money saved but don’t really know what to do with it. Maybe you’ve put it in the stock market or mutual funds because “that’s what everyone else is doing.” Or worse yet, maybe you’re too scared to invest in anything at all and just have your money sitting in a money market or savings account.

The wealthy know the fastest way to secure their retirement is to get help from an expert.

But I get it… it’s hard to know who to trust. That’s why I want to go over a detailed case study of what we did for one of our clients so you can see what’s really possible.

Our client is a garbage man from Chicago, IL who turned $100k of his investments (between his 401k and IRA) into $10,833 a month during retirement using our methods.

This decision ended up securing his retirement literally overnight without having to save huge sums of money over a long period of time.

Here’s the Scoop

He bought the 2 rental properties pictured below that we recommended to him. We’ve researched over 400 markets and we know where to buy and, most importantly, where not to buy. (And yes, you can buy real estate using the funds in your IRA and 401k.)


Most people know that real estate is the only way to build true wealth, but it can also be scary to the average person. The truth is, real estate is actually a lot safer than investing in the stock market or mutual funds like most people do. Real estate has made more people wealthy than any other investment.

Each property that he bought was in tip-top shape, with a quality tenant in place, and was professionally managed so our client never had to deal with a tenant or a repair. Everything was completely hands off.

Here are some details on the properties:

Property #1: Talford Ave., Cleveland, OH

  • 4BR, 2BA, Newly Rehabbed
  • Purchased for $50,100 (yes, you can buy quality properties for $50k)
  • Rented for $880/month
  • Expenses $332/month (property taxes, insurance, management, 12% repair allowance)
  • $546/month net profit ($6,552/year)
  • $6,552/$50,100 = 13.1% NET ROI

Property #2: Toronto Ave., Toledo, OH

  • 3BR, 2BA, Updated
  • Purchased for $49,900
  • Rented for $860/month
  • Expenses $311/month (property taxes, insurance, management, 12% repair allowance)
  • $549/month net profit ($6,588/year)
  • $6,588/$49,900 = 13.2% NET ROI

One of the keys to this plan is increasing your annual rate of return to a high 13%.

That’s compared to investing in stocks & mutual funds and only making 6.3% per year as evidenced by this 100+ year chart of stock market returns.


Now, remember the yearly positive cash flows for each property:

When you add the cash flows together: $6,552 (Property #1) + $6,558 (Property #2), he’ll be making $13,110 a year (after all expenses).

When you take the average property price of $50,000 and divide it by the total cash positive flow of $13,110, you find out that in 3 Years and 9 Months our client can buy his 3rd property JUST by reinvesting the profits (not adding any additional out-of-pocket funds beyond his initial $100k investment).

After that, he’ll be making $19,665 a year in positive cash flow.

2.5 years down the road, he’ll be able to buy another (his 4th) property just from the profits. And then he’ll be making $26,220 a year in positive cash flow.

Then 2 years from when he bought his 4th property, he’ll be able to buy his 5th property. And then he’ll be making $32,775 a year in positive cash flow.

And then in less than a year and a half, he’ll be able to buy his 6th property. And then he’ll be making $39,330 a year in positive cash flow.

But something cool happens after purchasing the 6th property…

After that, he’ll be able to buy at least 1 new property every single year until he retires.

Is the power of real estate beginning to set in yet?

He wants to retire 20 years from when he bought his first property. When he retires, he’ll have 20 rental properties, $10,833 a month in positive cash flow, and $1,038,708 in cash and equity.

That’s all from just an initial $100k investment to buy 2 properties and just reinvesting the profits. And as long as he keeps the properties, he will always have $10k+ per month in cash flow for as long as he lives (and then his family can enjoy the cash flow after he’s gone).

If he would have continued to make 6.3% on his money investing in the stock market (instead of investing in real estate), his $100k would have only turned into $339,364 by the time he was ready to retire.

He’ll now have $699,345 MORE by choosing to invest in real estate.

The Big Question Is…
How Much Money Are YOU Losing?

Assuming you’re getting average returns on your investments right now (6.3%),

  • If you want to retire in 15 years: For every $100k you have right now, you’re losing $306,049
  • If you want to retire in 20 years: For every $100k you have right now, you’re losing $699,345

This is the amount you’re losing by choosing not to invest in real estate. And that’s for every $100k that you have in your investment accounts. Shocking isn’t it?

That’s the impact that investing your money like a pro can have on your long term financial future. If you like the investment plan I laid out here and you want to reclaim the money you’re leaving on the table…

There’s Really Only 1 Thing To Do Next…

As I stated before, getting help from someone who has years of experience, knowledge and success under his or her belt can skyrocket your results, especially if they help you design a custom tailored strategy for your specific investment goals and current situation.

Every month, I hold 10 Investment Boosting sessions where I get on the phone with people who have at least $45k in investable assets and are committed to improving their financial future and living comfortably during their golden years.

While the spots may be filled by the time you read this, you can learn more about how the process works and apply for an Investment Boosting session by clicking here.

If I do get to jump on the phone with you, you’ll walk away with a retirement plan with specific, measurable financial goals and a custom investment strategy to fit your needs.

If for any reason we don’t get to talk, I still strongly encourage you to find a retirement investment coach who has a proven success record. It can cut years off your retirement plan and seriously increase the money you’ll have available once you do.

It’s never too early (or too late) to start making changes to your retirement plan to make sure that you’re getting the best return possible so that you can enjoy retirement on your terms and avoid running out of money when you need it most.

Click here to access my schedule and pick a date and time that works best for you.

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