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1072 Bellows St., Akron, OH 44301
Single Family Rental – $750 Monthly Income
$51,900 $49,900 – 13.06% Yearly NET ROI!

Projected Financials

Yearly Rental Income: $9,000.00

Yearly Expenses:
Property Insurance: $600
Property Taxes: $738
Utilities: $0
Vacancy/Repair Allowance: $1,080 (Estimated at 12%)
Property Management: $720
TOTAL Yearly Expenses: $3,138

Yearly Net Profit:
$5,862.00 (13.06% Return on Investment Every Year)

Monthly Income: $750.00
Monthly Expenses: $261.50
Monthly Net Profit: $488.50

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Property Details

  • 3 Bedroom, 1 Bath
  • 1205 sqft
  • Built in 1905
  • Lot size: 6,054
  • Mechanically sound & No repairs needed
About Our Properties: All of our properties must be closed quickly and with cash or funds from your retirement account. Please don’t disturb the tenants if you’re local. Our prices are below market value so we don’t accept offers, only accept purchase contracts.

If you have any questions or you’d like to get a property under contract, give us a call at (312) 869-2422.

PLEASE NOTE: The current tenants are a bit messy & cluttered (they are in the process of moving out). Don't let this deter you from buying a great rental. We probably all have a few friends and family members that are a bit messy (and who have an interesting taste in paint colors). 🙂 You might also notice that some of the walls are a bit dirty. We will fix any wall blemishes and put a fresh new coat of paint throughout the interior and everything will look as good as new! This is a solid house.

If you are interested, we recommend you move fast because our properties often go under contract in just a few days.

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