Do You Want to Increase Your Retirement Nest Egg, Reduce Your Taxes, Eliminate Downside Risk on Your Investments, And Protect What You've Earned From Freeloaders, Unscrupulous Politicians, And Other Outsiders?

We offer investors the opportunity to purchase high-yield, stable, turnkey investment properties with the funds in their retirement accounts and get annual cash-on-cash returns up to 13% and more.

Our Turnkey Process Makes Property Investing Easier By Helping You:

Find Turnkey Solutions with Outstanding Returns -- Our tenant-occupied turnkey real estate provides NET annual returns up to 13% and more.

Invest in Property Using Your IRA or 401(k) -- You can use a self-directed IRA to buy properties with positive cash flow and potential equity appreciation- Totally tax-free real estate income!

Purchase Properties at Wholesale Value -- Put your money to work for you: buy property with built-in equity supported by real comparables. First-year returns alone may exceed 50%!

Secure Hard Asset Investments -- Real estate is a tangible investment – much more secure than stock numbers on a computer screen. When purchased at wholesale rates, combined with steadily increasing rental rates, it provides financial stability in any economic environment.

Locate Properties in Attractive Neighborhoods that draw long-term, quality tenants who seek rental housing comparable to the median priced home in a given area.

Be a 100% Hands-Off Investor -- Our management company locates, screens, and places a tenant, provides a professional in-house property management, and then markets the asset as a passive and performing, high cash flow rental property.

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