About Us

The secret to wealth is creating cash flow. There is no better way to create cash flow than through real estate. HelpRetire.com helps our clients get double digit returns on their retirement funds (401k’s, IRA’s, etc.).

HelpRetire.com offers turnkey real estate investments in New York, Ohio, Tennessee, & Georgia that you can purchase with your retirement funds. (Yes! You can purchase real estate with your retirement funds.) These properties are rented and fully managed so you never have to lift a finger. Just deposit your monthly rent checks and count your cash.

Real estate as an investment vehicle helps our clients retire on their terms. Our clients retire on time (or even early) and live the lifestyle they want to live.

About Our CEO

Brian Bagnall is the CEO of HelpRetire.com and he’s an in-demand author, speaker and real estate investor who has written several books and has spoken at conferences throughout the United States. His latest book is called The Turnkey Trifecta Investing Method and it’s available on Amazon or in a bookstore near you. He’s shared the stage with business greats like Daymond John from Shark Tank. He’s “the go-to-guy” when it comes to getting double digit returns on your retirement investments.

Brian began his career as a real estate investor with just $3000 in start-up capital.  He went on to purchase over 100 properties (and counting) all over the country.  Brian turned his small investment into a multi-million dollar success.