Discover the Turnkey Trifecta Investment Method that Generates Safe & Passive 11% Tax-Free Returns in Proven Real Estate Markets with Zero Learning Curve

On this Exclusive Free Training, You're Going to Learn:
  • How to use the "Turnkey Trifecta Method" to add real estate that's safely cash-flowing at 11% per year to your portfolio to bypass all the guesswork
  • How a recent webinar attendee turned $150k of his retirement money into $10,083/mo. during his retirement.
  • The simple step you can't forget to ensure your profits grow tax-free
  • Exactly what markets in the U.S. allow you to get the best 'bang-for-your buck' and highest yields for the least amount of investment
  • List How to retire without running out of money or sacrificing your lifestyle
We Offer Investors the Opportunity to Purchase High-Yield, Stable,Turnkey Investment Properties with the Funds in their Retirement Accounts and Get Annual Cash-on-Cash Returns up to 11% and More

Our Turnkey Process Makes Property Investing Easier by Helping You...

  • Find Turnkey Solutions with Outstanding Returns — Our tenant-occupied turnkey real estate provides NET annual returns up to 11% and more.
  • Invest in Property Using Funds in Your IRA or 401(k) You transfer your retirement funds to a Self-Directed IRA (SDIRA) and use it to buy properties with positive cash-flow and potential equity appreciation — This will allow your returns to grow tax-free!
  • Purchase Properties at Wholesale Value — Put your money to work for you: buy property with built-in equity supported by real comparables. First-year returns alone may exceed 50%
  • Secure Hard Asset Investments — Real estate is a tangible investment — much more secure than stock numbers on a computer screen. When purchased at wholesale rates, combined with steadily increasing rental rates, it provides financial stability in any economic environment.
  • Locate Properties in Attractive Neighborhoods that draw long-term, quality tenants who seek rental housing comparable to the median-priced home in a given area.
  • Be a 100% Hands-Off Investor — Our partner management companies locate, screen, and place tenants and then take care of any repairs or tenant issues so you don't have to!

The plan detailed in this 191 page best-selling investing book shows you how you can Retire with $309,756 of ANNUAL Income. For most people, this will double, triple, or even quadruple your annual retirement income!

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Access The Best Properties

We carefully select the highest quality properties in neighborhoods that feature high rents and low property values providing you with positive cash flows and investment returns.

We Manage

We manage the entire process from investment strategy, property selection, renovation, and property management creating a truly passive experience.

Watch Your Money Grow!

For over 5 years we've built investment portfolios providing clients with the monthly cash flow and equity needed for retirement.

​​​​​Free Retirement Investment Calculator

Use our retirement calculator to estimate how much money you'll retire with if you continue your current investment plan AND how much you can retire with if you use REAL ESTATE as your investment vehicle. If you're currently making less than 11% on your money, this calculator will allow you to see how much money you're leaving on the table by not investing in real estate.

"Live where you live but invest where it makes sense"

It's natural to want to invest where you live. However, these above-average returns can only be found in a few select markets throughout the U.S. A real estate market with low home prices, high rents, and low property taxes creates this cash flow opportunity for above-average returns. This allows our clients to build a strong rental property portfolio that creates long term financial freedom. So whether you're in another state or a different country you can earn passive income by investing in turnkey real estate properties by investing where it makes sense.
Dr. Scott Kohl

Dr. Scott Kohl

To say that I was nervous about where to put my hard-earned retirement money is an understatement. But the folks at took good care of me. Their people and process are top-notch and I'm getting ready to close on my 2nd property in about a week. I've been referring tons of my family and friends to them too. is your trusted team for life and we make sure you feel safe with your investments. This is why we offer a free 30 day warranty on all of our investment properties. If anything mechanical goes wrong with the property, we fix it at our expense. This allows you to invest with confidence and get what you expect from your investment property.

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Brian Bagnall is an in-demand author, speaker, and real estate investor who has written several books and spoken at conferences throughout the United States. He's shared the stage with business greats like Daymond John from Shark Tank. Brian actually practices what he preaches. He began his i​​​​nvestment empire with just $3,000 in start-up capital and has gone on to purchase over 100 properties (and counting) all over the country. Brian turned his small investment into a multi-million dollar success.

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